Introducing iNava

Voice of Customer Intelligence Platform

With iNava you can now get quick access to macro and micro
level intel on the voice of customers for your products as
well as for competing products in the marketplace


iNava is a SaaS platform purpose built
for business leaders in B2B technology firms

Head of Competitive Intelligence

“I want to keep a close tab on the competitive intelligence in the marketplace to inform a winning sales and marketing strategy.”

Head of Product Marketing

“I want to craft targeted messaging based on the key pain-points or the delighters of my own and my competitors’ products.”

Head of Product Management

“I want to inform product roadmap by staying attuned to what customers say about features need-gap for my product versus the competition.”

The real value is in the intelligence

Purposefully built for CMI and Product Marketing teams in technology product companies by technology experts who understand your products.

This is not a generic ‘voice of customer’ platform.

At the heart of iNava is a continuously learning Natural Language Processing algorithm that processes, dissects and classifies unstructured text within review verbatim into actionable levers of customer satisfaction.

iNava goes beyond the ‘what your competitive CSAT rating is’. It gives you filterable insights ‘why this CSAT rating’ and ‘what should I do to improve my CSAT’.

The ability to slice and dice the insights by specific verticals (e.g. Manufacturing, Consumer Good & Retail) and customer size (e.g. Enterprise vs SMB)

It's much more than a strategic insights platform. Drive relevant sales and marketing tactics because you get insights tailored by customer segments.

Core features

Voice of Customer Monitor

Measure the trending of CSAT scores over time for your products versus competition brands & See trends in what people like/dislike about your products and competitors over time

CSAT Drivers

Dissect the key influencers of customer satisfaction scores. Prioritize your messaging and go-to-market strategy basis intel on key levers that drive customer satisfaction scores.

Trending Buzz

Listen to the top trending buzz in the marketplace, and pin down on review verbatims specific to a particular customer segment (industry verticals, company size wise segments), product category and timepoint

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